Why bother with my website? Writing, recipes, and reasons to do good in the 'hood.

What matters to you? For me it's family, friends and finding fulfillment through creative writing, community service and cooking. Inspired by unremarkable, daily events and encounters, I like to make observations on being a woman, a mother, a daughter, and a Brooklynite. I like to offer humor, encouragement and support through my writing

I also like to bring people together to make things better. Want to learn how to get trees planted on your block? Visit my community service page

And I like to bring people together around the dinner table. Want a fast weeknight recipe which draws mostly from ingredients found in your pantry? Check out my recipes.

My hope is that you will bookmark my site and go to it when you need a little propping up, or a meal idea, or when you've found an unconscious kitten on your doorstep and don't know where to turn. My desire is to stretch your thinking, your connections in your community and to explain how best to stretch lasagna noodles over Bolognese sauce.